Season 12


Event #1  Sunday October 26th at K-1 Speed in Buffalo Grove, IL - 3pm and $60 

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The Why, When,Where and How:

The KIRL indoor kart league has been organized by Dr. Tooth (2th)  a short track racer who is also a dentist.  The goal has been to gather his fellow racers, their families, friends and crew members at a place with some entertainment appealing to everyone. Chicago Indoor Racing's karting facility has proven to be very popular for ten seasons. Since 2013 the indoor karting specialists K-1 Speed are the new owner/operators of the original CIR facilities.  Only the buildings are the same. The tracks, the karts and the management are all new!  The K-1 Speed staff has been extremely accomodating to the KIRL participants and has helped hone the new eKIRL RACING FORMAT into what is probably the most organized and fair rental kart racing in the country.

All events have been scheduled at K-1 Speed's Karting facility in Buffalo Grove or Addison, Illinois on the last Sunday of the month from October 2014 until March 2015.  Sign in and draw for position before 3PM with the first race at 4pm or before!!
For the 2012-13 winter season WEIGHT CLASSES were  used in an attempt to eliminate any perceived inequality between participants with significant weight differences.

With the all new electric Karts we may never need to use weight classes.
Five weight divisions were formed at the 2006 Event #1 among 73 racers...each of the groups had no more than 16 racers...each group of 16 raced in 2 qualifying races and one feature... the new format was well received.

At the end of each race the karts were returned to the exact positions in which they started the race.

After all Weight Class qualifiers and features were completed a Super Pro-KIRL Final race was run with the top 3 or 4 from each weight class.

Since the 2008-09 season the non-points Super-Final have had the slower drivers using the faster karts and the lighter, faster drivers in the slower karts.  The Super Final winner from the previous event will start dead last in the 18 kart field in the fastest kart in the house!

NEW FOR 2012-13!

1.Any racer 50 or over before January 1st may elect to race one weight class heavier,

2. Any ties for the championship (determined by the scores from the top 4 point score events) will be broken first by adding the 5th best score then if needed the sixth best score. If still a tie after 6 scores are used, there will be co-champions for that year.

3. All attempts will be made to have racers competing in their appropriate weight class, however, those who are unable to notify the promoter or track staff of their intention to pay to race before  4:15pm on race day, will be relagated to race in the lightest weight class at the event.


Here's who raced in past Kirl Events and/or who we expect to race in the next event.  If you or someone you know wants to be on  the  roster  just contact Ken . nascar auto racing asphalt
 racing dirt track racing
nascar racing
 racing equipment racing
racing suits

aaron katzenburg
aaron schuck
adam berge
adam mass
adrian merchant
alex papini
andy gross
andy jones
anthony danta
anthony vito
austin luedke
azim gandhi
becca kasten
blake brown

bill hartwig
bill knippenberg
bill wirth
bobbyjon hensley
brad keith
brad kossow
brandon buffa
brandon norris
brandon stenzil
brian blakemore
brian bottemly

brian Konopka
camden murphy
charlie spoonmore
chris affunti
chris blawat

chris carlson
chris lake
chris lupo
chris storey
cody elliot
cody erickson
cory carlson

craig benike
dan owings
dan tinley
dana czach
danny church
daniel ivaska
dave edwards
dave erickson

dave kamholtz

dave miller
david gronke
dennis vito

denny norton

don johnson
don stardy
dwayne williford
earl counter
ed dunne
eddie hoffman
erik anderson
erik long
george ganas
george schultz
grace humphris
harry bond
harry mueller
harvey petska jr
jack rabey
jacob zellmer

 james swan
james furstenburg
james thorndike
jay creighton
jeff bodendorfer jr

jeff goodwin
jeff kemp
jeff salak
jeff sherger
jeff zelinski
jeremy schultz
jeremy spoonmore
jerry giuliano

jim anderson
jim groenhof
jim thorson
jobe cerny

joe mcginnis
jon reynolds
john demay

john fiorita
john janssen

john senerchia
john simons

john veugeler
jon probst

josh bilicki
josh lund
josh nelms
justin kane
justin lindeman
justin sellers

justin williams
keith tolf
ken calhoun
ken ivaska
ken johnson
kenny joosten
kyle brinkman
kyle prestay

kyle shear
luke blazek
mark buckley
mark kohl
mark sontag jr
matt kocourek
matt vandevere
max mcnamara
michael bilderback
michael marden
mike gass
mike hartwig
mike olson
mike wienc
nathan matz
nick bottemly
nick petska
nick schumacher
nick skelton
rick corso
ricky bilderback
robert nelson
ron willems
ross kenseth
ryan finley
ryan irwin
scott huckstorf

scott koerner
scott mccarthy
scotty norton
scott pierce
sean seamon
seth lootans
shane sapp
shawn kennebeck
sonny schoffen
steve brooks
steve carpenter
taylor dawson
todd booker
todd lehr
tom norris
tom jones
tommy jones
tommy knippenberg
tommy sexton
tony velez
travis dassow
troy flahive
turk letizia
vern fagerberg
vince cooper
vince boyer
wayne friemund
william chetney jr

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eKIRL is now being run at both CHICAGOLAND K-1 Speed Locations!

10-12-2014 THE FIRST eKIRL EVENT OF 2014-2015 (SEASON 12!) WILL TAKE PLACE AT K-1 SPEED IN BUFFALO GROVE ON OCTOBER 26th and SIGN IN AT 3PM. $60 gets you 3 qualifying races and at least one FINAL. The eKIRL format gets the best of the best racers from the qualifying rounds to the SUPER FINAL! WARNING: IF YOU ARE A RACER YOU WILL BE REWARDED, BUT IF YOU ARE ONLY A TIME TRIAL SPECIALIST YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE THE BONUS SUPER FINAL!


SUNDAYS 3pm at K-1 Speed

October 26, 2014 Buffalo Grove, IL
November 30, 2014 Addison, IL
December 28, 2014 or January 4, 2015
Buffalo Grove, IL
January 25, 2015 Addison, IL
February 22, 2015 Buffalo Grove, IL
March 29. 2015 Addison IL


The KIRL point standings have been tabulated and guess who is back on top of the pile? Click this to find out!
How can the old man be stopped?
AARP member and super-heavy-weight  superstar Bill Hartwig picks up right where he left off last year.  Total domination of his super-heavy-weight peers...including 4 time national gokart champion and current IRA sprint car hotshoe Bill Wirth and Slinger Speedway's Jack Rabey.
There are a couple of new faces on top of the leader board this year, however.
16 year old Bandolero, Legend and now LateModel Ace Michael Bilderback has entered the points race.  Will he have enough moxy to outlast the wily veteran of ARCA?
Nick Petska has returned to the top three with more determination than ever to topple the crusty veteran from his familar perch.
Tony Velez is quietly sitting in the top ten waiting as usual to take advantage of any mistakes by those in front of him.
James Swan and Mike Hartwig are both content for the moment but no doubt they will soon be closer to pops!
With 2 races to drop in the final tally you can expect Josh Nelms, Ryan Farrell, and Andy Jones will close in on the top five.
Dave Edwards and Kenny Ivaska will probably let their tempers take them out of contention before its all over. 
Since Seth Lootans is managing the points hopefully better than his weight, some bonus points will no doubt mysteriously be added to his count one of these days so you can't count him out of the final top ten!
Truthfully,  someone new could come to the last four events and with some great finishes end up right on top with Bill H.
Event One Results:
hw q 1: b hartwig, b wirth,k ivaska,k johnson,d edwards,s lootans,d brooks,r gutknecht,t sweers,j enoch,p perkins,c johnson,j hart, j rabey, j tibbs,s pierce,j schultz
hw q 2:  b hartwig,k ivaska,b wirth,s lootans,j rabey,d edwards, c johnson, d brooks, k johnson, j enoch,t sweers,j hart,r gutknecht,p perkins,j schultz,s pierce,j tibbs
hw q 3:  b hartwig,d edwards,j rabey,t sweers,b wirth,k johnson,r gutknecht,k ivaska,s lootans,c johnson,j enoch,d brooks,p perkins,j hart,j schultz,s pierce,j tibbs
hw final:  b hartwig,k ivaska,d edwards,d brooks,j rabey,s lootans,b wirth,t sweers,r gutknecht,j enoch,k johnson,c johnson,j hart,p perkins,j schultz,s pierce,j tibbs  FAST LAP:  hartwig 30:72
mw q 1:  m hartwig,m bilicki,r irwin,j swan,n petska,r farrell,j cerny,g bowers,k loar,r morelli,b norgard,w johnson,j hubiak,b laferney,d childs,j bucher
mw q 2:  r farrell,n petska,j swan,r irwin,m hartwig,m bilicki,k loar,j cerny,j hubiak,d childs,w johnson,b norgard,g bowers,g leferney,r morelli,jim bucher
mw q 3:  j swan,n petska,m hartwigh,j cerny,b norgard,m bilicki,r farrell,r irwin,d childs,k loar,g bowers,w johnson,j bucher,j hubiak,g laferney,r morelli
mw final:  n petska,m hartwig,j swan,b norgard,r farrell,r irwin,g bowers,j hubiak,g laferney,m bilicki,w johnson,j cerny,d childs,k loar,r morelli,j bucher  FAST LAP:  petska 30:32
lw q 1:  j nelms,j horsch,a katzenber,j thorndike,m bilderback,t velez,a merchant,s brooks,a jones,t jones,d ivaska,j wallace,b rud,j baumeister,d owings,b walczak
lw q2:  m bilderback,t velez,j nelms,d ivaska,b walczak,j wallace,s brooks,t jones,d owings,a katzenberg,j horsch,a jones,j thorndike,a merchant,b rud,j baumeister,
lw q 3:  m bilderback,t velez,t jones,a katzenberg,a jones,s brooks,j thorndike,d ivaska,j nelms,d owings,a merchant,b walczak,j horsch,j baumeister,j wallace,b rud
lw final:  m bilderback,a jones,j thorndike,t jones,j nelms,t velez,a katzenberg,d ivaska,j wallace,a merchant,b walczak,j baumeister,j horsch,d owings,s brooks,b rud  FAST LAP: bilderback 29:97
SUPER FINAL RESULTS:  tony velez, james swan, ryanfarrell, michael hartwig, josh nelms,aaron katzenberg, michael bilderback, nick petska, tommy jones, bill wirth, steven brooks, jack rabey, dave edwards, james thorndike, seth lootans, andy jones, brad norgard, ryan irwin  FAST LAP: velez 30:49

JOSH NELMS wins the Big One over the best of KIRL

The saying goes: "the cream rises to the top," and Joshua Nelms proved it at Event #5 in the Pro-KIRL series 30 lap Super Final. Current Pro-KIRL point leader and former ARCA stock-car racer Bill Hartwig initially chased down and passed kart specialist Adam Schatz and stretched out his lead while Josh was methodically working his way to the front.  

Once past Schatz, Nelms had a 12 second deficit to erase before he could even think about passing the 4 time Pro-KIRL Champ Hartwig.  Josh Nelms was on a mission to win after working on his ASA latemodel all day and barely making it to the Chicago Indoor Racing facility before registration closed.  At about lap 22, Josh Nelms (Rockford Speedway's 2005 Latemodel Rookie of the Year and Illiana Speedway's 2003 and 2004 Sportsman Champ) put one of the slickest moves on the crafty veteran for the lead.  In fact, Hartwig even briefly put his hands up in the air, 
signaling his surrender to Josh. 

 Once in front,  Josh put the smooth driving style he is famous for to work and stretched out his lead on Hartwig to well over 10 seconds in the remaining laps.  Also sharing the podium with the 2 superstars from the back of the field to third place was the 16 year old slippery quick Tony Velez.

Event #5 was the 5th consecutive show with over 55 participants.  

KIRL Event #1 (the first race for the 6th season) has officially been scheduled for Sunday November 2nd.  To make your reservations please email drtwoth@comcast.net or call 773.719.9559. registration).

Ryan Finley scores his first Pro-KIRL Super Final of the 2007-08 season on January 6th.  The race quickly brought the final top 3 together in pursuit of the early leader, Dave Edwards who held nearly an 8 second lead at one point. The chasing trio lead by James Swan over Ryan Finley and Tony Velez took until lap 18 to put Edwards behind them and begin their personal tussels.  Watching the three swap the positions back and forth without any contact while the lappers graciously pulled over as they blasted by was quite a site especially after watching a gruesome Lightweight Final.  Ryan Finley made the final pass for the lead over James Swan with 2 laps to go as Swans tires were failing.  Tony Velez was exceptionally kind by not helping Swan to get anymore loose in the corners than he already was!  At the line it was Finley 3 lengths ahead of Swan who had about a foot over Tony Velez! Dave Edwards held onto 4th followed by the quickly closing pack of George Schultz, Nick Petska, Michael Bilderback, Ryan Farrell and Jarrett Kimball.

Ryan Finley 1st, James Swan 2nd and Tony Velez 3rd.

Click This to see the current point standings.

3 time Pro-KIRL Champion and former USAC Stock Car Racer Bill Hartwig shows all the lighter and younger kart racers in the 30 lap Super Final on December 2nd why he is the champ!  Bill may not have had the fastest laps of the night but he always leads in the fastest average lap.  In the Super Final his consistent quickness earned him the honor of carrying the final checkered flag for KIRL racing in 2007!  The next KIRL event will be on the first Sunday in January of 2008.  Infrequent Pro-KIRL racer Adam Berge made an impressive showing in all his races of the night including a second to Bill Hartwig.  Relative KIRL newcomer Bill Wirth also had a fantastic night ending up third in the Super Final after winning the Super Heavyweight Final race.

On November 4th, Ryan Farrell smoothly worked his into the front of the 30 lap Pro-KIRL Super Final at the halfway point by passing pole sitter Cody Potter. By lap 22 it was Farrell, Nick Schumacher and Josh Nelms and that's how the race would end.  Schumacher said he wished it had been a 35 lapper.  Nelms complained that with Bill Hartwig giving up his berth in the Super Final to Andy Jones, this forced him to have to carry the KIRL Helmet Cam.  Nelms said his aero package was all out of shape with the camera onboard and thus he was slowed in his quest to the front. KIRL rookie Cody Potter was ecstatic with his 4th place finish.

Nick Schumacher 2nd; Ryan Farrell 1st and Josh Nelms 3rd in the KIRL SuperFinal



10 year old Minicup racer, Toby Stewart won the Feather Weight Feature and set fast time for the counter clockwise direction

Nick Schumacher was seen trying to get some tips from the young guns (l-r) Andy Jones,Tommy Jones and Aaron Katzenberg

The veteran Light Weights (l-r ignoring Bill Hartwig) Jerry Giuliano, Ryan Finley and Adam Mass are all dejected that Toby Stewart annihilated them in the first qualifier.

Ken Johnson (dr tooth) giving the veteran Light Weights tips on how to stay ahead of Toby Stewart in the Feature

Aaron Katzenberg is being aggresively pursued by eventual  winner Toby Stewart

During the summer, Chicago Indoor Racing ran a special 300 lap endurance race. Team KIRL (l-r) Fred Marano, James Thorndike and Bill Hartwig placed 2nd out of 21 teams. A nearly one lap lead they built up was erased by a red flag with 40 laps to go.

KIRL newcomer Jeff Conn (Friendly Ford's General Manager) is given pointers by Bill Hartwig prior to the Super Heavy Weight Feature

The Why, When,Where and How:

The KIRL indoor kart league has been organized by Dr. Tooth (2th)  a short track racer who is also a dentist.  The goal has been to gather his fellow racers, their families, friends and crew members at a place with some entertainment appealing to everyone. Chicago Indoor Racing's karting facility has proven to be very popular.  The staff has been extremely accomodating to the KIRL participants and has helped hone the KIRL RACING FORMAT into what is probably the most organized and fair rental kart racing in the country.

All events have been scheduled at Chicago Indoor Racing's Karting facility in Buffalo Grove or Addison, Illinois on the first Sunday of the month from November 2011 until April 2012.  Sign and weigh in no later than 4:15pm,  first race at 5pm.